We extend our sincere thanks to all who completed our recent survey assessing preferences and priorities for delivery in 2022. It is clear that, despite the continuing challenges and uncertainties surrounding COVID, there is a significant appetite for an in-person meeting among BAAS members, and we are committed to providing this in line with government advice. At the same time, we want to ensure that the conference is as inclusive, accessible, and sustainable as possible, and with that in mind we plan to embed remote and asynchronous elements into the conference programme where appropriate. 


Logistical constraints mean we cannot offer hybrid sessions (that is, mixing online and in-person presentations in the same session). However, we plan to devote a select number of panel sessions and networking meetings within the programme to online delivery, giving members who are unable to travel to Hull a chance to share their research with the community and participate in live discussion. We will provide space on the Hull campus for in-person delegates to watch these live online panels. In addition to this, we aim to record as many in-person panel sessions as possible so that delegates who are unable to attend in person can listen at their leisure.


We hope that this model will prove a resilient and workable one, and one which will ensure delegates can participate in the conference in ways that feel comfortable to them. Moreover, we want to reassure prospective delegates that, should the situation change before next April, we will be able to pivot to fully remote delivery, and that registration fees will be refunded and adjusted accordingly.